Trojan Wall of Fame

Rylee Petrik - MS Girls Basketball

“Ry has really worked hard to improve this season in basketball. She’s always had a pretty good instinct on defense, but is also gaining skill and confidence on offense. Keep working hard and keep playing with confidence, Ry!” - Coach Burnett

Nathan Trotta - MS Boys Basketball

“I would like to nominate Nathan Trotta for the Trojan Wall of Fame. Throughout his first season in junior high basketball, Nathan has demonstrated a desire and ability to improve. He works hard in practice and is always willing to listen to learn more about the game of basketball.  Nathan kept a positive attitude throughout the season. He also remained positive with his teammates. Nathan is a kind person who added a lot to our team this season. Thank you, Nathan, and good job!” - Coach Lowther

Jimi Oleson - HS Boys Basketball

“Jimi is a competitor in all aspects of his life. He comes into practice every day with the goal to get better and has been a key contributor for us over the past two seasons. Jimi is humble, kind, and smart. He doesn't expect things, he works for them and that's why he's going to be successful in everything he does!” - Coach Cole Smith

Joseph Valadez - TSA

“Joseph Valadez shows up, works hard and always has a smile on his face. He's been working hard on his schoolwork and encouraging his peers to do the same so we are prepared to go to the state convention in March. Joseph continues to grow in leadership and technical skills while always making working together fun!” - Mrs. Heminway

Alexis Garcia - Student of the Month

“Alexis leads by example. He works hard at whatever he commits to and is unfailingly kind and friendly. In my class, he is always one step ahead and working to improve his programming skills. His friends and classmates know they can rely on him and turn to him often. Alexis is an outstanding choice for student of the month.” -Mrs. Heminway

“Alexis is the young man who will do anything that is asked of him.  And the best part is, he does it with a smile.” -Mrs. Minks

“Alexis is amazing! He is always kind, considerate and such fun to talk with. It's been such a privilege to watch him grow into the responsible, hard working young man that he is. His talents are many!” -Mrs. Scoles