Trojan Wall of Fame

Khloe McCloskey - MS Girls Basketball

“Khloe is consistently one of the first girls at practice shooting the warm up shots. She works extremely hard and tries to soak in everything the coaches are telling her. She is one of the most improved players on the team because of her work ethic. Khloe is the kind of athlete every coach wants to have. She listens well, does what is expected of her, and she has a great attitude. Keep working hard Khloe!” - Coach Burnett

Madilyn Hearn - HS Girls Basketball

“Madilyn has come into the season improving her skills a great deal in a very short time. When the team has been shorthanded, she has stepped up to lead by example on the court with hard work and lots of hustle.” - Coach Deyoe

Jace Kreutzer - MS Boys Basketball

“Jace is a hard worker who always brings good energy to practice and games. Over the last two seasons, Jace has improved in his basketball skills. He has also grown in being coachable and willing to try new things to make himself and our team better. I appreciate Jace for his hard work, positive attitude, and player leadership of our team. Good job, Jace!” - Coach Lowther

Landon Baird - HS Boys Basketball

“This is Landon’s first year on the team as a sophomore. Despite him not playing as a freshman, Landon has learned quickly and comes to practice ready! Landon listens, works hard to get better everyday, and is always on time to practice! He has earned his spot on the team and plays a key role on the JV team, helping his teammates improve. Landon impressed me the most with his defensive intensity and ability to get tough rebounds! Keep up the good work Landon!” - Coach Cole Smith

Alexis Garcia - Wrestling

“Alexis is the manager and has done an outstanding job in this role. Being sidelined from injury he willingly took this role on and has been a huge asset and help in taking care of a lot of different tasks! We appreciate him!” - Coach Brozek

Sam Lowther - Student of the Month

“Sam Lowther has done so much for team spirit and morale. I've watched him work so hard to teach himself new skills and find new ways to reach out and draw energy and support to our high school athletes. He spends hours outside of school making that happen.” -Mrs. Heminway

“Sam has been nominated for the Wall of Fame several times for different extracurriculars so it just makes sense for him to be student of the month! Sam is pretty awesome; he’s smart, friendly, and involved in a lot around the school and community. I also appreciate his sarcasm and humor.” -Mrs. Johnson