Wall of Fame

Emeree Nobles - MS Girls Basketball

“Emeree Nobles has been giving great effort at every practice this year. She always does what is asked of her and is working hard to improve in the fundamentals. Emeree also has a great attitude every day at practice and at games. Keep working hard Emeree!” - Coach Burnett

Erika Green - HS Girls Basketball

“Erika has taken the initiative to start learning new and different roles on the team. This will allow her to try to help out the team in multiple ways that are needed on the court.” - Coach Deyoe

Tuff Pope - MS Boys Basketball

“Throughout three years of playing junior high basketball, Tuff has consistently shown a willingness to learn and a drive to get better. He is always coachable and tries his best, regardless of the circumstances. Through the years and in this season, Tuff has improved at basketball and he is a leader on the team. He also does a great job in the classroom, which enables him to stay eligible and not miss practice time. Tuff's great attitude and effort is always appreciated." - Coach Lowther

Josh Hildebrand - HS Boys Basketball

“Josh is a great role model for everyone. No matter what he's doing, he's punctual and does it the right way. Josh is a great student, person, and athlete who will be successful in whatever his future holds.” - Coach Smith

Zander Nickelson - Wrestling

“I appreciate Zander’s effort and willingness to try a new sport. He makes it fun to teach and coach. I am excited to see his growth throughout the year. Keep up the good work Zander!” - Coach Brozek

Sam Lowther - #ZeroReasonsWhy

“Sam has been an active member of our #ZeroReasonsWhy group. He shows up to our meetings, helps with whatever needs to be done without complaint, always asks the tough questions on behalf of the group, and shares valuable insight and ideas. He also did an excellent job on his announcement about World Kindness Day. Thank you for your dedication to our group Sam! I am thankful to have you as a member.” - Mrs. Johnson

Dylan Gantz - Student of the Month

“Dylan is a very charismatic, determined, hard-working person that sets goals and works to achieve them! He is a great leader and role model - he works hard, but doesn't forget to have a little fun along the way. I appreciate Dylan's willingness to step in and help get things done when he sees a need. I look forward to watching Dylan continue to serve as a positive role model for others and can't wait to see where his future will take him!” -Mrs. Unruh

“Dylan is such a great guy! He’s athletic, smart, motivated, and personable! No matter the situation, whether he’s in class, in the hallway, or at work, he’s always very friendly to me.” -Mrs. Johnson