Rylee Petrik - MS Volleyball

“Rye has stepped up to be a great leader on the team. She helps cheer on her teammates and brings her team up when games get tight. Rye is a positive light for our Trojan volleyball team!” - Coach Conant

Erika Green - HS Volleyball

“Erika has been a great asset to the team. I've seen her step up and help coach her teammates on things they struggle in. She's a natural leader.” - Coach Deyoe

“Erika is a leader and a teacher.” - Coach M

Jobe Valadez - MS Cross Country

“Jobe showed incredible potential after taking over 2.5 minutes off his first meet time! He has put in many miles for his first season and shows signs of becoming a tremendous runner for years to come. Each and every day Jobe is getting more and more confident in his running abilities. He has been a great motivator towards his teammates and is commonly the most encouraging spectator at the meets.” - Coach Mock

Josue Valadez - HS Cross Country

“Josue Valadez has had a tremendous season so far in Cross Country and shows dedication and desire to better himself each week. His attitude and energy has uplifted many of his teammates. When Josue is not in a race, he is always motivating and cheering on his teammates to go strong to the finish line.” - Coach Mock

Abigail Kirkpatrick - #ZeroReasonsWhy

“Abby is a dedicated member of #ZeroReasonsWhy. She shows up to all of our meetings, helps with whatever needs to be done, and volunteers her time to work at our planned events. She also does her part in youth suicide prevention by bringing positive energy and being KIND to those around her. Abby, thank you for your active participation in our group and for being YOU!” - Mrs. Johnson

Joseph Valadez & Connor Wiley - TSA

“Joseph leads quietly by showing up every time and patiently working hard for hours. Connor has independently sought solutions and labored nonstop. He heard about another team from Atchinson who were struggling and spent today pulling together a PowerPoint to help them figure out. We’re incredibly proud to be their sponsors.” - Mr. & Mrs. Heminway

Madilyn Hearn - Student of the Month

“Madilyn works very hard and is kind to those around her. She always goes above and beyond what she is asked to do, without complaint. I enjoy having Madilyn in my classes, FFA, and being around her during other parts of the day.” - Ms. McNickle

“Madilyn is an exceptional person. She’s hard working, reliable, and kind, in both school and extracurriculars.. She has an eye for quality and will spend the extra time to ensure whatever she’s working on is up to standard. Madilyn is also an incredible goofball… she certainly keeps me entertained!” - Mrs. Johnson