Benefits of SEL

In an attempt to continually improve our school, we’re going through some “redesign” efforts. Through these Redesign efforts, we have an established “Social emotional and character development” (SECD) team which primarily works on promoting a positive school environment and social emotional learning (SEL). Our returning SECD team members are:

Emily Nusser - PK-12 Counselor, Homeless Liaison, Crisis Team Member

Destiny Johnson - PK-12 Mental Health Liaison, HS Cheer Coach, Crisis Team Member

Kim Unruh - Culinary Arts Teacher, SAFE Sponsor, FCCLA Sponsor

This year, we’re also excited to announce a couple new team members:

Shelby Karst - Middle/High Social Studies Teacher

Mark Mock - Industrial Arts Teacher, Cross Country Coach

So what’s up with SECD and why is it so important? SECD helps students learn a variety of skills and character like self management, self-awareness, responsible decision making, relationship skills, and social awareness so students are equipped to engage in the workforce, successful relationships, and civic responsibility. Research shows that students with strong social emotional skills have an increased attitude about themselves and others, increased ability to manage stress, better academic performance, and improved behavior. 

Now where are we at with SECD in our middle/high school? This year, we are continuing to recognize students through birthday announcements, Trojan Pride Awards, and the Wall of Fame to help our students feel good about themselves and their school community. We are also continuing to have ReCo discussions about various character traits and the role it plays in their daily lives. If you recall, this month’s character trait is trust. Be on the lookout for information about the rest of this year’s character traits posted at the beginning of each month. 

This year, we’re working toward more student-led ReCo lessons where they have the opportunity to lead activities or discussion for the rest of the class (check out the pictures to see one of their trust exercises!). We will be implementing a rubric for this component soon. Beyond this, our team is in the process of forming a partnership with the SITE council (consisting of school staff, parents, community members, and students) to continue improving our policies and procedures for student wellbeing.

If you’d like more information about the Redesign Project or SEL, please click on the links below.

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