Wall of Fame

Tuff Pope - Middle School Track

“Tuff works hard every day in practice and always gives 100%. He does this without complaining or questioning!” - Coach Conant

Angel Dominguez - High School Track

“Angel Dominguez has been a great leader on the track team this year. Angel shows up on time and does what is asked of him at practices and meets. Angel is also good about helping and encouraging others on the track team. He has also worked himself up to competing in four events at track meets and gives great effort in them all. Keep up the good work Angel!” - Coach Burnett

Madilyn Hearn - High School Cheer

“Talk about reliability…! I know I can count on Madilyn. Even through troubles and trials, she always shows up to practices and games on time, with all of her items, and ready to put in the work with a positive attitude and great sportsmanship. Despite being involved in several demanding extracurricular activities in and outside of school, she also always has exceptional grades, really demonstrating what it means to be a “student” athlete. Plus, she stays out of the drama! Thank you for being such a dependable member of our squad, Madilyn!” - Coach Johnson

Makayla Sedore - Student of the Month

“Makayla has always been a bright, hard-working student. She combines her academic abilities with a creative, artistic mind and talent.  Throughout high school, she has maintained a 4.0 GPA and ranks at the top of her class. She has chosen a well-rounded education that includes band, graphic design, and culinary arts in addition to high-level courses such as physics and independent studies in zoology. Makayla is a self-motivated student who pushes herself to learn and grow. She has also maintained a job at Elroy’s Pizza for the past year and a half where she has developed strong customer service skills.  She balances the responsibilities of school, extracurricular activities, and her job very well. Makayla is driven and works hard to achieve her goals. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention what a wonderful human being Makayla Sedore is. She truly is a delightful, positive, caring young lady. She gets along with anyone, works well in cooperative groups, and has a gentle soul.”  - Mrs. Lowther

“I think Makayla often tries to hide from the spotlight… Well not this time Makayla! The world needs to know just how spectacular you are! Makayla is intelligent, kind, dedicated, patient, and so much more! She has so many positive skills and attributes that will serve her well through life, both academic and otherwise. I enjoyed my time with her during volleyball and love hearing about her successes in other areas like school and work, as well. Makayla, we’re sad that you will no longer be here at our school but excited for where you go from here! Best of luck in your future endeavors.” - Mrs. Johnson