Wall of Fame

Ariana Delgadillo - MS Track

“This past 2 weeks in practice, Ariana has gone above and beyond! She completes her long distance workout then joins the high school and completes their workout, too! She has an amazingly positive attitude and puts in 100%!" - Coach Conant

Evelin Valadez - HS Track

“Evelin Valadez shows up every day with a smile, even if we’re doing a hard workout. No matter how wacky the team is being she takes it in stride. She also does an excellent job of leading by example." - Coach Ghumm

“Evelin can be counted on to have a great attitude everyday. She does what is asked of her without any hesitation. Evelin is also very kind and has the full trust of her coaches.” - Coach Hildebrand

“Evelin Valdez has been a positive addition to the Stafford Trojan Track & Field team this season. She shows up on time, prepared, and with a great attitude. Evelin works hard at her events and is not afraid to try out new events as well. Excited to watch her compete this season!” - Coach Burnett

Jauzalynn Blanton - Softball

“Jauzalynn Blanton was our player of the game in our first game. She turned an unassisted double play and was outstanding at second base. She was just as impressive with batting, collecting several hits on the night. She was tremendous on the bases, too, with multiple steals." - Coach Hosfelt

Dylan Gantz - Baseball

“With this being the first year of the Ellinwood/Stafford baseball merge, Dylan has helped make it a smooth transition by the way he carries himself on the field and treats every teammate the same. Coming off an injury, he stayed with the rehab program so that there wasn’t any further delay of returning to competitive action. That isn’t always easy, especially when you’re a competitor. The patience and the work paid off, as Dylan had a nice coming-out party to the 2022 season helping the Eagles sweep Ell-Saline to open the year.  Gantz won game 1 on the mound, surrendering only 1 hit and no runs in 4 innings of work. He struck out 7 and walked none. He also went 3-4 at the plate on the day with 2 doubles and drew 4 walks." - Coach Ward

Kynlee Hearn - MS Cheer

“Kynlee has been an amazing leader this year! She always had a great attitude and never let things get to her. She played volleyball and basketball, so immediately after playing, she had to cheer and did so with a smile on her face!” - Coach Falk

Evelin Valdadez - HS Cheer

“Since trying out for cheer two years ago, Evelin has improved tremendously. Not only has she become a better cheerleader but a better leader. She’s really come out of her shell and gained more confidence in suggesting and calling cheers and has also used her “big girl voice” to advocate for what she needs and wants. Even when she makes a mistake (like we all do sometimes), she’s able to recognize the need for correction, apologize, and move forward with a positive attitude the next time around. I’ve loved having her on my cheer squad and can’t wait to see where life takes her after graduation!” - Coach Johnson

Kenton Sherrill - Technology Students Association (TSA)

“Kenton Sherrill has a great attitude about joining in, trying and learning from every experience. He is such a supportive teammate too - encouraging and lifting everyone around him.” - Mrs. Heminway

Chloe Lauridsen - Yearbook

“Chloe Lauridsen has been spending a great deal of her own time selling ads, working on pages, editing, and getting pictures ready for our team. All with a sunny attitude and willingness to help her peers.” - Mrs. Heminway

ProStart Team

“Our ProStart Culinary Competition Team (Tyson Pettijohn, Shawn Burgey, Evelin Valadez, and Chloe Lauridsen) excelled at this year’s competition. The Kansas State ProStart Culinary Competition is a very intense culinary competition that brings together top culinary students from around the state.  Stafford, the smallest school competing (next smallest school had 321 students) worked hard to bring home 4th place this year. Top winners were schools from Olathe, Shawnee Mission, and Maize - which all have culinary schools/centers. This is the equivalent of Stafford sports teams playing the largest varsity teams in the state and placing in the top 4. We were behind 3rd place by only .7 points and only 1.125 points from the 2nd place finishers! The Stafford students put in the time and work with practices outside of school hours and an additional 2 days out of school. I am extremely proud of this achievement!” - Mrs. Unruh

Connor Wiley - Student of the Month

“Connor is a great student to have in my first hour Culinary Class! He never complains when I ask him to cart in loads of groceries and supplies and maintains his unique sense of humor throughout any task. Connor has shown a lot of personal growth over the last year - I am proud of the way he dives into assignments and is managing his time. I appreciate Connor's willingness to help in the concession stand when asked, especially for those Junior Class members. He is a natural when it comes to taking orders and making sure they are completed correctly without getting overwhelmed when the line gets really long. I really enjoy visiting with Connor - he is thoughtful, respectful, and funny!” - Mrs. Unruh

“Connor has become a real leader in my class and in TSA. He always has a great attitude, gets his work done, encourages his peers and is willing to try new things - even when he’s uncomfortable.” - Mrs. Heminway