Wall of Fame

Emily Delgadillo - MS Girls’ Basketball

“Emily Delgadillo really stepped up late in the season both at practices and at games. Emily was oftentimes the first one finished with conditioning, really pushing herself to be better. Also, over the last 3 games of the season she led the team in total points with 16 points and in total rebounds with 23 rebounds. Emily showed great work ethic and improvement throughout the season. Keep up the good work Emily!” - Coach Isaac & Kalyn

Colson Minks - HS Boys’ Basketball

“Colson is Mr. Dependable; never misses a practice and is always willing to help give a hand. Colson is very active within our Recreation Department and has a ton of kids who look up to him. Colson puts in a ton of work and so far this year he's been rewarded for his efforts.” - Coach Smith

Sam Lowther - FFA

“Sam has been a great addition to the FFA chapter. He is part of two committees and works hard to make sure the job gets done. Sam is willing to learn and try new things, even if he doesn't know much about the topic. Sam always shows up on time and stays until the job is done. Thanks for your hard work, Sam!” - Ms. McNickle

Kya Conant - Student of the Month

“Kya knows what it means to show compassion. She is brave, even when it’s hard, and helps her friends when they need it.” - Coach Villy

“Kya is a great example of compassion! She does an excellent job checking in with her classmates and other middle school students to see how their day went or if they are doing ok. Kya really cares for people and it shows! Thank you, Kya, for spreading kindness and joy in our school, I am so thankful you are part of Trojan Nation!” - Mrs. Bauman

“Kya always checks in on people, she always asks how we are doing and she listens if we have something to say. She always puts people first, no matter what.” - Trynity Pope, peer

“Kya deserves student of the month for so many reasons. She is brave, kind, dependable, smart, and determined. Not only does she display these qualities in school but in her social life with friends and in sports, as well. Keep being awesome, Kya!” - Mrs. Johnson