Wall of Fame

Kya Conant - MS Girls’ Basketball

“Kya Conant has been consistent at practice all year long. She shows up to practice ready to do whatever is asked of her and never makes excuses. No matter how tired Kya might be or how hard a drill is, she always gives her best effort. Kya has shown tremendous determination and is improving because of it. Keep working hard Kya!" - Coach Isaac & Kalyn

Maria Abad - HS Girls’ Basketball

“Maria works so hard on the court and has learned a new position, quickly. She has proven to be adaptable and gets better everyday. She continues to show a positive attitude on and off the court." - Coach Deyoe

Trista Shelton - HS Girls’ Basketball

“Trista has shown true dedication to the team through the obstacles she's had to face. She leads by example and tries to help her teammates on the court. She, too, is adaptable and has taken on new roles to help the team.” - Coach Deyoe

Joel Valadez - MS Boys’ Basketball

“I would like to nominate Joel Valadez for the Trojan Wall of Fame for Boys' Middle School Basketball. For the last two seasons, Joel has continued to work hard to become a better basketball player. He handles the ball well and has improved his shooting and defense. Joel is consistently at practice and ready to give his best effort. I've always appreciated Joel's positive energy in the gym. He is vocal in encouraging his teammates and always brings a positive attitude. I look forward to Joel's continued development as a player and leader on our team. Congratulations, Joel, and keep up the good work!” - Coach Jeff Lowther

Axel Ortiz-Cano - Yearbook

“Axel consistently exhibits a good attitude. He volunteers to take extra shifts getting photos for yearbook." - Mrs. Heminway

Trynity Pope - Student of the Month

“Trynity is an excellent student to nominate this month because she is a great example of self-control. At a young age, she is able to set priorities for herself and follow through and that impresses me greatly! Most often she displays this in her school work, but I have also seen her display this self-control in social situations. She does an excellent job of choosing her battles and striving forward even in adversity.” - Mrs. Bauman

“Trynity is well deserving of student of the month. She’s able to stay focused on her goals and do what is right, even with the many distractions that can try to get in the way. Not only is she determined, she is kind, even when others aren’t. Talk about self-control!” - Mrs. Johnson

“Trynity Pope is going places!  She cares about her own future and has goals to achieve success. I appreciate that Trynity makes her own decisions and does not fall for negative peer pressure. Trynity works hard in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities.” - Mrs. Lowther

“Trynity does what she knows is right, even when everyone around her is not. She does her best and has a good attitude, even when it's not easy. That is SO hard to do sometimes! Great job, Trynity!” - Coach Villy