Wall of Fame

Khloe McCloskey - MS Girls’ Basketball

“Khloe McCloskey has shown tremendous dedication to the team. She has not missed or been late to a practice through the first 16 practices of the season. She is often the first one in the gym with a basketball working on shooting form, as well. Khloe works hard, has a great attitude, and is steadily improving!” - Coach Isaac & Kalyn

Taylor Denio & Pam C. - HS Girls’ Basketball

“Taylor has shown great leadership and is eager to listen and make corrections on the court. As for Pam, she works really hard and even stays late after practice to continue working and improve her skills.” - Coach Deyoe

Jacob Simmons - MS Boys’ Basketball

“I would like to nominate Jacob Simmons for the Trojan Wall of Fame for Middle School Boys' Basketball. This is the third basketball season in which I have coached Jacob. I have appreciated Jacob's continued effort to learn the game and improve. Jacob always works hard and takes practice time seriously. As an eighth grade player this year, Jacob has proven himself as a capable leader. He encourages his teammates and helps them to learn. Jacob is also an excellent basketball player. He has spent considerable time improving his shooting and ball handling skills. Finally, Jacob has stayed focused this season through a difficult time in his life with the death of two of his grandparents. Despite this hard loss, Jacob continues to show a positive attitude and I admire his tenacity in our practices and games. Congratulations Jacob and keep up the good work!” - Coach Jeff Lowther

Joshua Hildebrand - FFA

“Josh has been a great leader in FFA. He is the president of the chapter and does a great job of keeping order during the meetings. Josh is not afraid to try something new and is always willing to lend a helping hand when needed.” - Ms. McNickle

Joshua Hildebrand - Student of the Month

“Josh is a great example of contentment, yet pushes himself to continue to learn and achieve in everything that he does. Josh chooses not to look around to compare and complain, but seeks out opportunity to build his own unique strengths. His character and work-ethic will help him reach any goal he sets for himself. I greatly appreciate the teammate and classmate that Josh is and the example he sets for those around him!” - Mrs. Bauman

“Although I don’t get to spend much time with Josh, I know he is very deserving of student of the month! He’s kind and he works hard at everything he does including school, several extracurricular activities, and farm work at home. Congratulations Josh!” - Mrs. Johnson

“Josh has really taken on more of a leadership role this year and I think he fits that role very well. Other students follow his example because they know he is doing the right thing. Not only is he super involved in extracurricular activities but he exceeds in them all, which makes him a very well rounded individual. It has been a great experience for me to get to watch and be involved in Josh's growth over the years.” - Mr. Bauman

“Josh is a natural leader and it is awesome to see his leadership strengths continue to develop and strengthen over the years.  Josh's calm demeanor, even under pressure, and his witty sense of humor always help make any situation better.  I appreciate Josh's willingness to step up and meet whatever challenges are thrown at him, like building the Junior Class Pumpkin Race Car after getting home from the South Barber football game! I would be remiss in not mentioning Josh's excellent problem-solving and mechanical abilities as well (he can disassemble and reassemble my staplers in record time). I am looking forward to watching Josh as he pursues his career and life after he graduates in 2023. I have no doubt that he will be successful at whatever he chooses to do.” - Mrs. Unruh