Wall of Fame

Middle School Volleyball - Trynity Pope

“Trynity is an amazing asset to our team. She is positive, caring, and upbeat. Tryn's smile lights up our court. She has been a great leader for our younger players and always makes her teammates feel important!” -Coach Conant

High School Volleyball - Makayla Sedore

“Makayla is the kind of player who is always willing to do "whatever it takes". She is someone who I know I can turn to, ask her to do something, and she will figure out a way to make it work! Her flexibility and willingness to work hard are great attributes to have and make coaching Makayla easy! Makayla is a senior and her work ethic, flexibility, and spirit will be missed on the team next year! I know that no matter where she goes or what she does, she will get it all done and do it well!” -Coach Carla

Middle School Football - Jacob Simmons

“Jacob is a leader on the team, on the field and off. He’s always learning and asking what he can do to get better. I’m glad I have the pleasure of coaching him!” -Coach Brau

Cross Country - Josue Valadez

“Josue is a natural-born leader, not just for this team, but for wherever he may find himself in life. Every single day I’m impressed with the level of positivity that he brings. It’s infectious to the point where even the younger guys are acutely aware of his presence as the team’s ‘glue guy’. I’m truly honored to have had the opportunity to work with him this season and can’t wait to see what he’ll be able to achieve over the next four years. ” - Coach Minnis

Student of the Month - Jesse Bartlett

“Jesse is a very well-rounded person. She comes to school every day and does her best work without complaint, stays out of trouble, shows up and gives it her all at volleyball and cheer, and she's KIND! She truly knows what it means to be responsible, respectful, and resilient!” - Mrs. Johnson

“Jesse is someone who always shows up! Whether it is to school, work, or practice! No matter the situation, Jesse is always there ready to work without complaint! She is a great example of being responsible, reliable, and above all else kind! Jesse is kind to her fellow classmates and to her teachers! She is a great student and person! 10/10 recommend!” - Mrs. Carla

“Jesse shows up, gets her stuff done, holds her peers accountable, and helps her classmates work through difficult concepts in such a compassionate way. She will even voluntarily ask folks who might struggle to join her teams.” - Mrs. Heminway