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Student Council Fundraisers

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   Coach Grove?                                                          Coach Hornung?

    Mr. Orton?                                                             Coach Westbrook?

  Coach Storm?                                                              Mrs. Woolf?   

The final standings:

1) Coach Westbrook
2) Coach Storm
3) Coach Hornung
4) Mr. Orton
5) Mrs. Woolf
6) Coach Grove

So the winners are:

Mr. Westbrook, Coach Storm and Coach Hornung!!!

Coach Hornung is smashed on the side of the face by his pie thrower!

Look at all the mess!!!

Mr. Westbrook taunts his pie thrower!

And then catches the pie right in the middle of his face!!!

Look at all of the whip cream on his face!!!

Coach Storm is prepared to be pied in the face:

When suddenly Coach Storm's pie thrower takes off after someone else!!!

And throws the pie in Mr. Orton's face instead!!!

Thanks very much Trojans!!!  We raised quite a bit of money in the Pie Throwing Contest.

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