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The FFA Creed

This is Erwin Milton (E.M.) Tiffany.  He was born in Lyndon, Kansas.  Yes, he is from Kansas!!!  He authored the FFA Creed.  The FFA Creed summarizes everything an FFA member believes.  Take some time to read The FFA Creed and reflect on what The FFA Creed means to you. Think about in 10 years, maybe even 20 years from now when you can still say The FFA Creed.  It will be rewarding then.  

               Erwin Milton (E.M.) Tiffany

The FFA Creed has 5 paragraphs and every paragraph begins with "I believe ...".  In order for FFA members to receive their Greenhand FFA Degree, they must recite the FFA Creed from memory.  

And now ... (drum roll please!) ... here is The FFA Creed: