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About Stafford FFA

Stafford FFA was founded in 1932.  The original "Future Farmers Of America - State Of Kansas - Incorporated Charter" was signed on March 15, 1932 (this would have been a Tuesday).  The charter was obviously printed on a press machine and then the name "Stafford" was later written in calligraphy ink (not as a part of the printing press process, but probably by the Kansas State FFA Association).  The charter contains the 1932 FFA Emblem and the Emblem of the State of Kansas.  This charter (pictured below) has 17 signatures on it (16 students and 1 Chapter Advisor).  The "Original 17" members are listed below (in order of signature). 
I apologize for any names that might have been misspelled.  I just typed them on this website as well as I could read the cursive names.  They are:

Bruce Winchester
Samuel Thole
William Fritzmeier
Wayne Dykes
Carl Haurier (not sure of the last name spelling)
Charles Garey
Edward Lichte
Aldred McLune
William Sturgeon
Max McComb
Joyce E. Brock (not sure of this name as the FFA did not allow female members at this                             time in their history)
Kenneth Lofland
Everethe Heggy (not sure of the spelling)
Donald Minnis
Edgar Dickson
Dwight Patton - Chapter Advisor

The original charter was also signed by:
Kenneth Pettibone - FFA National President - Corvalis, Oregon
Oscar Clausser - FFA National Secretary - Frederickstown, Missouri
Leo Paulsen - Kansas FFA State President - Concordia, Kansas
Kenneth Waite - Kansas FFA State Secretary - Winfield, Kansas
Lester B. Pollom - Kansas FFA State Adviser (spelled 'Adviser' on the document) - 
                            Topeka, Kansas
H.P. Davidson - Kansas FFA State Adviser (also spelled 'Adviser' on the document) - 
                         Topeka, Kansas

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If anyone views this webpage and sees an error in the spelling of any name or could correct me on any of the above history, please feel free to do so at  Thank you very much.